Automate tasks, processes and reports.

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Digitilaze in 3 phases

Our way of working in phases allows us a faster and more detailed approximation of all the tasks through a process.

At VITRIGUT we make it easy: we interact with users and technologies to automate and make processes more efficient using as less complexity as possible. Satisfaction is immediate.

We have +6 years of experience analysing, automating and implementing solutions to make life easier for any user.

We can help to speed up your day to day.

Services with value – Quick wins

Do you need to group multi-source data, a new analysis report or just an application to centralize your requests?​

Proof of concept in just one week.


All our reports are designed using #Power BI. We make the most of the potential of #PowerQuery, #DAX and its relational model to facilitate decision making.

We get users to interact with charts, tables, KPIs, filters to get dynamic results instantly.

Datasource is not an issue. We use #Excel files, CSV, Txt, Json. We also connect information from #SharePoint or CRMs such as #SAP.

Low Code Applications

We centralize requests through #PowerApps applications, accessible both in phone or desktop mode. Thanks to #low-code technologies, managing permissions or setting different roles enables any user to control the process at any stage.

Its implementation together with flow automation using #PowerAutomate will allow any department to maximize its autonomy and process visibility.

Process efficiency

To automate a process, analyzing each action and its consequences is a must.

Most of the processes can be made more efficient simply by describing and explaining them in detail. It is usual to find complex processes not 100% to be automated. Even so, the improvement is substantial and it will become a game changer because its opportunity to create awareness of what it possible to reach.

Improve your organization skills

Do you want to learn how to deal your days? Discover what atomic habits can do you for you.

Your time management skills will improve. Also your productivity and obsviously your emotional well-being.

Do not wait to start today!

Contact us. We will answer as soon as possible.

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